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FOCS embark on epic drive to Desaru

Convoy of 40 Prancing Horses make the trip up Malaysia's east coast

Over the weekend of May 21, 40 Prancing Horses from the Ferrari Owners' Club Singapore (FOCS), with support from Ital Auto, went on an epic road trip to Desaru.

The spectacular sight of these majestic Italian machines was truly one to behold as this is the first major driving activity to be held across the Causeway in two years.

Over highways and B-roads, the Ferraris fully demonstrated their ability to sprint, cruise and devour any corner competently as the convoy successfully made its way to the beach resort.

The drive along Malaysia’s east coast was a welcomed tonic as borders finally reopened and a sense of normalcy resumed. And Ital Auto and the FOCS are eagerly looking forward to more driving activities.