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Ital Auto was proud to exhibit one of Maranello’s legendary cars, the F40, in its showroom for the month of June for Ferrari clients.

This V8 turbocharged classic is the last Prancing Horse to be personally approved by Enzo Ferrari in 1987. The F40 would go on to become revered as one of the greatest sportscars ever built. The two-seater, built to celebrate the brand's 40th birthday, offers a truly raw and extreme driving experience.

Made largely from the latest composite materials of that period, the Ferrari F40 delivered high turbocharged performance allied with a competent chassis to make it as close as possible of a racing car that is legal for the road.

And more than 30 years after its launch, this magicial Ferrari is still very much capable of dazzling, as the clients of Ital Auto found out during the private viewing.