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With its striking and sporty design, the Ferrari F8 Spider is an eye-catching car deserving of the Prancing Horse shield but it has serious performance to go along with its stunning looks.

Such is its overall package of sharp looks, nifty retractable hard top, breathless acceleration and driving pleasure of this instrument of speed that it has garnered unanimous praise from Singapore's motoring press.

National daily, The Straits Times, did not hesitate to crown this Italian exotic as its best convertible for 2020. It said: "If you are looking for the ultimate convertible, look no further.

"If there is a car which can outshine a Ferrari, it is usually a topless Ferrari. The F8 Spider spins a web of intrigue and excitement. How can a metallic roof disappear into such a small space between the engine and the seats?"

Together with its stablemate, the F8 Tributo, these two cars were named by Torque as the "Coolest Supercar" at the website's annual honour roll.

Apart from its undoubted power, what sets this pair of Prancing Horses apart from the rest is how precise its steering is. Torque said: "the clincher is how good its electric power steering feels. It is a real breakthrough for Ferrari to have such communicative steering making the F8 thoroughly engaging at any speed."

With 720 hp delivered by its V8 power unit, the F8 Spider has an engine "that feels like a small nuclear explosion", exclaimed Carbuyer. But the magazine also acclaimed its pleasant ride, saying "it’s just as easy to drive slow, surprisingly, with the Ferrari soaking up bumps incredibly well."

Popular automotive website sgCarmart was in no doubt that the F8 Spider's party piece is its turbocharged heart and reserved particular high praise for it, saying: "It is easily the most malleable, spine-tingling and soulful V8 out there. It really does feel like a naturally aspirated unit - power delivery is shockingly linear, with not a hint of turbo lag at all."

The Ferrari F8 Spider is currently available for test drives at Ital Auto. Please call 6475-1118 to book an appointment.